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Engine UK Oil Sampling

Engine UK Oil Sampling

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Taking oil samples from engines allows you to see what is happening internally in many cases avoiding the need to open the engine or perform an expensive full oil change.

Predominately used on larger capacity engines, the oil sample process involves taking a sample from the oil sump for analysis. This is then sent to an accredited laboratory who analyse the contents of the oil for a range of contaminants. More information on oil analysis.

When used repeatedly, the oil sampling can build up a picture of how the engine is running and if any additional work or investigation is required.

Sampling methods commonly used for engine oil sampling include: taking oil from a pressurized line before the system filter; using a drop tube in the dipstick tube; and taking a sample  from a drain port while the engines lubrication is drained.

Obviously, every oil sample is a straight forward process, the results and required investigations can be unique, so pricing is based on the required work. We can advise on the best and most economical course of action for your individual circumstances. Find your engine serial number on your engine and talk to us today about our full engine overhauling service, or our engine servicing, engine repair or engine oil sampling services.

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