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Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing

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Fuel polishing is an important fuel cleaning process that Regency provides. It is an advanced process that cleans and filters your fuel to remove any harmful contaminants such as water, microbial contamination and sediment.

The contaminants in the fuel can build up over time and are often given the names 'fuel bugs', 'diesel bugs' or just 'algae'.

It is often used to clean fuels such as diesel, red diesel and biodiesel. Fuel contamination can build up over time, especially if the stored fuel is not treated and tested regularly. Using this fuel can then lead to costly repairs that would be needed for your engine.

If you use contaminated fuel it can lead to a series of faults such as blocked filters, fuel system failure, corroded tanks and ultimately engine failure.

Before fuel polishing takes place, fuel analysis must take place first. The analysis will show what contaminants exactly are in the fuel and then fuel polishing can take place to remove them. Once the polishing is complete, further analysis must be done to ensure that all the contaminants have been removed from the fuel as desired.

Using fuel polishing also means that the need for fuel additives in your fuel is either greatly reduced or totally removed. The fuel polishing process is most commonly the fuel getting passed through a series of apparatus which removes increasingly finer contaminant in each stage it passes through.

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