Regency Values

Simple Values.

This page is deliberately simple. It is designed to convey our culture and values in a brief format. The only way to experience our culture and values is to buy from us, interact with us or work for us.

Why Regency?

"Working Together Energising Lives". This means different things to our employees, customer and suppliers, but we aim to enrich peoples lives with all our interactions. 

How do we do this?

Our why is underpinned with 12 core values. These values are reflected in our business. To different people they may also mean different things, but to everyone they have a common meaning. Our 12 values are grouped under 4 separate headings. 

 Striving to be the Best




Professional Supportive Honest Environmental Consciousness
Flexible Communication Dependable Efficiency
Consistent Caring and Safe Transparent Financial Governance


How many of these values do you think would be valuable in our interactions with you? 

Finally Our Mission Statement

“Regency Power Generation will energise its customers lives with high quality products delivered by proper power people achieving amazing financial results, yet always striving to minimise their environmental impact”.


Our mission and values are a core part of our business. If you are coming for an interview, we love to talk about them!