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G99 Install/Test

G99 Install/Test

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For any generator to be connected to the mains electricity grid it must comply with the G99 regulations. These regulations apply to generator sets being used for peak-looping or paralleled grid use as well as Combined Heat and Power.

The G99 regulations fall into four different types of compliance depending on the size of the generator and if its connected to high or low voltage:

  • Type A - 0.8kW or above but less than 1MW
  • Type B - 1MW or above but less than 10MW
  • Type C - 10MW or above but less than 50MW
  • Type D - 50MW or above 

Type A, B and C are also for generators connected below 110kV, whilst type D is for generators connected to greater than 110kV.

Regency's team of expert engineers are able to install and test your generator set to ensure that it is embedded correctly into the mains electricity grid. The installation and testing will provide you with the certified approval required for the G99 regulation.

Contact us to find out more about our G99 installation and testing service that we provide.

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