Collection: Generator Maintenance And Support

Generator Maintenance and Support

Our range of industrial generator maintenance options in the UK are virtually unlimited. Regency are industrial specialists in all areas of generator servicing, repair, overhaul, oil sampling and general repairs. We service leading engine and alternator brands and can work with a range of control systems. For engines, Perkins, Cummins, Volvo Penta, Baudouin, Scania and many others can be serviced, repaired, overhauled, or have oil samples taken. Stamford, Mecc Alte, or Leroy alternators can be serviced, checked and replaced if required. Deep Sea Electronics and ComAp control systems can be investigated, traced or upgraded.

We can provide a range of solutions from service contracts to one off investigations and inspections to suit your requirements.

Engine Maintenance

Ongoing, regular engine maintenance is key to maintaining not only reliability but also residual value of your generator. Regency can offer a wide range of services for your engine.

We can sample the oil, perform a full service including an oil and coolant change, change core plugs, adjust timing, perform a top, bottom or full overhaul and replace the engine.

Alternator Maintenance

Stamford P80 Alternator

The alternator is a neglected part of the generator. Alternators require some limited maintenance to keep running in good condition. Bearings can be re-greased or replaced, Automatic Voltage Regulators can be adjusted, swapped or upgraded and winding's can be tested for signs of wear and potential failure.

Checking and servicing your alternator is the best way to keep it running at peak condition!

Control Maintenance

Without a working control system the generators won't run - we can perform control system upgrades on a wide range of machines due to age, condition or requirements to interface with a range of systems.

We can repair and replace control system components when required to get you up and running as fast as possible.