Six Main Factors To Consider Before Buying A Diesel Generator

This article is going to take you through six of the main things to consider when purchasing a diesel generator set.

Diesel generators have become a very valuable asset in today’s world, not just for homeowners but also in industry for businesses and organisations. Diesel generators are particularly useful in areas which do not have access to reliable electricity and therefore a generator can be used to provide a reliable source of electricity.

The following points are key considerations before buying a diesel generator set for your home or business:

Environmentally Friendly Generator

Diesel generators themselves are not the cleanest forms of producing electricity and in fact are more polluting than their petrol counterpart. The emissions produced can cause health related issues therefore it is essential when choosing your generator that it meets the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Size and Power of the Generator

Obviously, selecting a generator that is the right size is an essential consideration. If you are buying one just for home use or a more large-scale business use, you need to make sure it will serve you well. You need to consider how many appliances the generator will have to power and for how long. Another factor you need to consider is how often the generator will be used for at a time, if it is being used as a ack up for when you may have a blackout, the generator needs to be able to provide the required load for a longer period of time. To work out the power capacity of your generator you need to add up total wattage of all appliances that will be powered by it so you can work out what size, in terms of kilowatts or megawatts, generator you will need.

Where the Generator will be Placed

Generators can sometimes have a large footprint so it is essential you know how much room you have for a generator as thus will be a constraint. The generator should also be in a well-ventilated location so that it can maintain an optimum working temperature and it should also be accessible so that if any maintenance or repairs need doing they can be easily fixed.

The Noise Levels

Diesel generators can create a lot of noise when producing electricity. How loud it is will be a factor in deciding whether it will go inside or outside and its general location. Diesel generators can vary in noise level, so it is best to check with each generator set what its noise levels are. For example, if the generator is going inside you may find it necessary to soundproof the room.

Portable or Stationary Generator?

Generators fit into two main categories, portable and stationary. If your needs are just for a small business or home then a portable generator should do the job, however for larger businesses a stationary generator would be more appropriate. Stationary generators tend to produce more power and be larger in size along with lower maintenance and longer lifespan whereas portable generators are for more lower powered jobs.


Just like anything sold online, the price of a generator will vary from seller to seller. It’s essential you only buy what you can afford however it is also important to make sure you don’t trade off quality for a lower price. Generators are more of a long-term investment and If you buy a cheap one it may end up costing more in the long run due to complications you may face. It is also important to make sure you are buying from a trusted manufacturer as it is more likely they will sell you a better longer lasting product.

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