16 MW Myanmar Site to be Powered by Cummins Generators

There are to be eight 2000 kilowatt lean burn gas generators at the new 16 megawatt Myanmar power plant. The lean burn gas generators have been provided by Cummins and they are the QSV91G model.

Southern Myanmar is currently having an increased growth within its trade hub and tourism industry however the inadequate electricity grid infrastructure has been struggling to keep up with the growth. Therefore the Myanmar government was looking for a solution to increase the reliability of the electricity system. The government awarded Petro and Trans Co the tender to install a new 16 megawatt gas powered power plant.

To help deliver the installation, Petro and Trans Co called upon the local Cummins distributor partner, Cummins DKSH Myanmar. The distributor aided Petro and Trans Co with the development and finalisation of the project.

The project was completed on a very tight schedule, but the local Cummins dealer managed to supply eight 2000 kW Cummins QSV91G lean burn gas generators, along with this they provided support whilst the project was ongoing. The support ranged from deploying the equipment right up to when the machines were installed.

To finish the installation of the lean burn gas generators, a standard control system was installed in each of the eight generators so that the machines could be continually monitored to ensure that they were performing as expected. In addition to this the local Cummins dealership offered support with the design process, installation and the commissioning of the Balance of Plant items. The Balance of Plant items includes equipment such as exhaust silencers, radiators and gas trains. This makes sure that the gas generators will continue to perform as expected at a reliable level no matter what the weather conditions are around the plant.

The Cummins business manager for the gas side of the business, Sanjay Wele has stated that the recent installation of the Cummins generator will make sure that the Dawei City and neighbouring regions will now have access to a reliable and continuous supply of electricity, even with the added challenge of the high altitude of the region.

Wele went on to state that Cummins are proud to have worked with Petro and Trans Co on the impressive landmark project and that Cummins looks forward to seeing the positive effects it will have on the upcoming region in Myanmar.

The large 16 megawatt plant was constructed over two different phases. The building and installation of the plant started in January of 2020 and the first 8 megawatts of power was installed by May. The extra 8 megawatts are to be commissioned during the rest of this year meaning that by 2021 the whole 16 megawatt site should be up and running to provide a reliable and continuous source of power to the regions in Southern Myanmar.

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